Hoinke Classic

Entry fee of $8.00 gets you into "Break the Bank"

and the "Just For The Fun Of It" Jackpot

All cash pays immediately after event.

All awards must be verified by a monitor.

Instant Payoff when JFF affidavit is presented to tournament office

Note: Game Rules and Prize Money are Subject to Change.

Jackpot starts at $500.00
Entry fee is included in "Just For The Fun Of It"
70% to winner - 30% to back up jackpot

All Hoinke Classic participants may enter "Break The Bank" each squad of the tournament. The object is to get strikes in the specified frames of all games to collect the money in the bank. Each game must be verified by the welcome center immediately after bowling. Entry form must be paid to the welcome center by the start of the 1st frame.

Division A: Men 211 and over
Division B: Women 185 and over, Men 185-210
Division C: Women 150-184, Men 150-184
Division D: Women 149 and under, Men 149 and under


1. Men and Women will be entered into the same jackpot.

2. Bowlers average prior to participation must fit into (A),(B), (C) or (D) divisions.

3. The Break The Bank Jackpot shall accumulate daily with the winner receiving 70% of the accumulated jackpot with the other 30% going to the back-up jackpot.

4. The first person to have his scoresheet verified by the control desk will be the winner. If two bowlers come up simultaneously, those two bowlers will split the 70%.

5. Bowlers can enter the "Break The Bank" or "Just For The Fun Of It" during any squad of any event in the Hoinke Classic.

6. In the Singles Event, games one through three will be used.

7. Bowlers will be paid upon receipt of signed affidavit and average verification from association secretary.

8. All action will be handled by the Welcome Center personnel.

9. If affidavit is returned and it shows that you used an incorrect average that puts you in another category, all money will be forfeited back into Break the Bank.

10. Anyone getting all strikes but one in Break The Bank Jackpot wins $200.00 (averages must be verified).

*Game rules, regulations and prize money subject to change without notice.

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